hubei2Capital: Wuhan

Governor: Li Hongzhong

Party Chief: Luo Qingquan

Population: 60 160 000

Density: 324 / km2

Area: 185,900 square km

Major Cities: Wuhan, Huangshi; Shiyan; Shashi; Xiangfan; Yichang

GDP: (2007) 915 billion ¥ (9th)

Major Nationalities: Han – 95.6%, Tujia – 3.7%, Miao – 0.4%

Prefecture-level divisions: 13

County-level divisions: 102

An energetic growth (Business)
With Hubei as the natural hub of transportation in Central China the province is having an energetic growth the last years. Hubei is the centre for the co-operation between the provinces Henan, Hunan and Jiangxi that has formed a Central economic belt that in many ways is the most interesting in China today even if the eastern regions still are more internationally well known.

The Hubei Province, with Wuhan as the power centre financial and commercial, has a great potential for investors from abroad as there is a great variety of markets from Chinese medicine, car production/spare parts to fiber and optical solutions. You also find a lot of financial companies trading bonds and securities.

A must in China (Tourism)
This is the ideal place to explore China in all directions. On the mighty t Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) you can reach such popular sites as the Three Gorges to the west or to Shanghai to the east. With several cultural cities and sites (see below) in Hubei, the primitive forests at Shennongjia of western Hubei, the Jiugong Mountains to the east with good walking trails and fantastic walking trails. Hubei is a must when you visit China.

Province of lakes (Geography)
The mighty Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) enters Hubei via the Three Gorges from the west and the Han River (Hanshui) comes from the northwest and both rivers meet at Wuhan. With thousands of lakes all over the province Hubei is named “Province of Lakes”. Largest of these lakes are Lake Liangzi and Lake Honghu. In the west, north and east there are high mountains and green forests. with fantastic sceneries. Here you find good walking trails and numerous of rare species.

A splendid and unique culture (Culture)
Hubei is one of the places where the Chinese nation originated and the province was the home of the powerful state of Chu (Spring and Autumn Period 770 BC – 476 BC) that had a splendid and unique culture. There are five famous historically cultural cities at state level, Wuhan,Jiangling, Xiangfan, Suizhou and Zhongxiang. Hebei takes a top place in historical relics with its 58 historical relics under state protection and 670 historical relics under provincial protection.