Fish as a speciality, or eat where Chairman Mao has eaten

You find restaurants for all tastes in Wuhan, serving food from all the Chinese kitchens as well as international ones. But as you are in Wuhan we strongly recommend that you try one of the specialities from Hubei.

Fish is a speciality with a long tradition that started already in the Warring State Period (403 -222 B.C.) In Wuhan you can get fresh-water fish of all kinds, cooked in so many different ways that you have never tasted before. One mark of the Hubei fish cuisines are that the fish is blended with other ingredients, not only spices and vegetables but also with tenderloin pork, spine or chicken. And the result is most of the times dreamlike.

But the food in Wuhan is not only fish but is divided into four main “Hubei kitchens”;
Jingnan: Stewed and braised game
Xiangyang: Meat dishes,
Ezhou: Vegetarian food
Han – Mian: Steamed dishes based on seafood, poultry, and meat dishes.

Let us only recommend one of thousands of good restaurants in Wuhan: Old Tongchen where even Chairman Mao Zedong has been eating more than once, because of their speciality Three Fresh Skin of Soya-Bean Milk, a traditional meal of Hubei. In this restaurant you get it this dish made in the right old way with fresh bamboo, meat, mushrooms and other ingredients.