With over 200,000 valued artefacts, this is one of the leading museums in China. Hubei-MuseumEspecially the artefacts from the tomb of Marquis Yi (Zenghouyi), who lived in the 5th century B.C., is a world unique treasure.
The ”Chime Bells of Marquis Yi” are 65 bronze bells restored to their original resonance with a superb tone quality and tone colour. They are considered to be one of the finest artifacts from the Warring States Period.
On the bells there are gold-plated inscriptions about music, and each bell can emit two tones. The visitors can listen to a concert, with both Western and Chinese music on the repertoaire, given by local musicians who play on the reconstructed instruments. Recordings are available at the museum store.

More than 15,000 items were excavated in 1978 from the tomb of Marquis Yi.

Other remarkable items are the sword of King Gou Jian of the Yue Kingdom, and the King of Wu, Fu Cai’s spear – both two thousand years old but still beautiful and sharp.